Being a woman in a man’s world

Being a woman in a man’s world

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Do you know this woman called Mary T Barra?

She is the first female CEO of a major global automaker!
Since 2014 in the position of Chairman and CEO of General Motors Company.
She had to face many situations where her presence was not welcome just because she is a woman and society tried to take her away from this “man sector” in many ways but they all failed.
There are several inequalities in society we all know that.
One of the most evident is gender relations, less related to the economic issue and more to the cultural and social point of view.
From this point on, constitute social representations about the participation of women within varied spaces, whether in the family, in the school, in the church, in the social movements, and finally in society.
However, in the last decades of the twentieth century, we witnessed one of the most striking facts in the world. 
The growing insertion of women in the field of work, a fact explained by the combination of economic, cultural and social factors and of course our persistence to prove how good we are.
The scenario still not positive but women are showing the strength we have and how far we can go.
This and other inspiring stories can be found on the website WomenForOne.
As a boudoir photographer I meet many women like Mary T Barra, working in a “male” sector.
Apart from they incredible work they are also opening space to many other women entre. You rock girls!
I wish to all of us more equality, opportunities and respect as worker, colleague and as only women as well.

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