Reasons to do a Boudoir Photo Experience

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Reasons to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Today we will talk about the 6 main reasons why women decide to have a Boudoir Photo Shoot done.

1- Boos of Confidence: This is one of the main reasons women do a Boudoir Photo Shoot. They want to feel beautiful and sexy. They want to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. It is few hours just about them.. getting pampered up, not thinking about kids, husband, work, etc.. It’s all about them and in the end they have amazing pictures to remember it forever.


2- Gifting their Partners: This is another big one. The boudoir experience is a perfect gift for a Couple as it is an amazing experience for the woman and the partner get a really cool photos of their partner. P.s.: If the guy gives it to their partner they even get some Brownie Points 😀


3- Celebrate birthday: As the times goes by more and more women are doing a Boudoir Experience to celebrate their birthdays, specially the most important ones such as 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th. They all talk about how important is having a memory of how they looked at that age.


5- Celebrate a lost of weight: Our mind plays tricks on us. I’ve had girls coming to my studio after achieving their weight loss goals, but only realizing it after seeing the pictures. It is a life changing experience.


6- Motivation to keep fit: Lots of girls want to have these picture done to look at it during the hard times getting enough motivation to keep living a healthier life and keep achieving their fitness goals.


Here we only 6 of the main reasons to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot, but the list is endless. Every woman has a particular reason to do it, but the end result is always the same.. They live my Home Studio feeling amazing!!! 😀

Make up by Luiza

Photos by Valois



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