New ways to Celebrate your achievements

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Celebrate life!

This week I was talking with a client, let’s call her Suzy.

Suzy told me all about her challenge to loose weight and most important, how hard it was to keep the weight OFF.

She was explaining she had to find new ways to reward herselfinstead of reaching for food or drink as they might have done previously. Now she had to be creative and find new ways.


So, it got me thinking, then I put a list together to help people that are feeling the same way and are struggling to find ways to celebrate your achievements and reward yourself:

  • 1. Buy some new clothes. Feel good and comfortable with what you wear!
  • 2. Pamper yourself. Go to a SPA and get some massage and beauty treatments done.
  • 3. Do something you always wanted, but for some reason never did.
  • 4. Take a day off and go for a walk. Fresh air will make you feel good!
  • 5. Get a new hair cut. Changes are always good!
  • 6. Do a photo shoot. It will allow you to take a fresh and empowering look at yourself.






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