A New Woman…Celebrate it!

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My experience about the day I looked at myself!

A new woman story is a true story sent from one of my clients. Enjoy the reading!

To begin I have to admit something: we’re so used to look at someone else’s life. Always to others and not to ourselves. That we forget to celebrate us! And a lot of my life I was celebrating other things until life decided to turn me upside-down, inside out. But then it came the first time I looked at myself!

My body, my soul. I got shocked because I realised I didn’t know much about myself! That happened pretty much after I move to Dublin. It was an unexpected change. I was supposed to be learning a new language but I ended up learning about myself! It wasn’t easy…but when I really saw myself I decided to spread this feeling, this love I found for myself! There were a child and a woman alive within me! The child new how to be happy and spontaneous.


She knew how to smile and not to care much about others.. But the woman… Ahh the woman! The same that knew how to be strong and soft. Also she knew how to be vulnerable and intense! How to be sexy. How to be wild and feminine. And I wanted to see this feminine there… Out there!

From another perspective…

I wanted to see love and life taking shape and form through my body and existence! My photoshoot show me that beautiful mix! But there were still one more thing left.. The spirit, the soul, the essence of me! Thailand brought it in the hardest and beautiful way! I was there with myself again. Alone! Body, soul and mind being one! Living and celebrating this existence. I knew I was love but I was giving it away, giving to others when I was the one who should receive it first!

My child, my woman, my wildness. I discovered I was complete! Everything I was looking for! I was everything I should ever celebrate! Without me the world would have a little bit less love and life… Because I’m part of it! I understood and I saw I was the whole universe in a woman body and I could be everything I wish I could be… Just being myself! There is no bigger celebration than finally meeting yourself and loving it! I’m feminine, woman, wild and whole!

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