Meet your best self!

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“Every woman should feel home in her own skin”

Once I read that and everything made sense.

80% of women in the UK and Ireland see their body in the mirror in a different way.. and as you can imagine, they see their body in a negative way. Actually they see their body in the worst way possible.

Most of us are never satisfied with what we got and we are always trying something different… to lose weight, to gain weight, change the hair, the nose, etc. We are trying to be like the girls in the magazines,  BUT you know what!?

As a Photographer I can tell you, the photographs in the magazines are NOT REAL.

One day I was thinking which kind of business I wanted to have, which kind of person I wanted to be.. Then I came across a thing called Boudoir Photography and I feel in love with it.

I thought – Why not use photography (that I love) to help women realise that beauty is unique and we don’t need to try to be something we are not!?

Imagine how much happiness would exist in the world if we all accept that we are all beautiful creatures and all we need is a boost of Confidence!?!?

So I want you to MEET YOUR BEST SELF!!!!

P.S.: That’s how I started The Female Portrait by Valois 🙂



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