I am a boudoir photographer based in Dublin, Ireland (but also work internationally as required). I was born and raised by the sea in Brazil. The beach body culture there was not always a good thing for me as I spent most of my teen years suffering from anorexia.
Photography has always been part of my life since young age, but as a professional I always felt the need to specialise, to find my niche, so when I came across Boudoir Photography, I knew I could help empower ladies!
Boudoir is not only about creating sensual photos of a woman. It is a powerful and confidence building experience every woman should have, at least once in their lives. Boudoir is now a way of life for me, healing myself and my clients one Boudoir Experience at a time.
You might be asking yourself.. “Why is she telling me all this?”
I am opening myself up to you like this because I know how it feels to be in lingerie/half naked in front of a stranger with a camera, so I want to make sure you know me a little bit which will help you to decide if I am the right photographer for you.
One thing you need to know… I refuse to use Photoshop to change a woman’s body. I build confidence, not a fake reality.
Together we will find your true reality and create images that you will be proud of, not a false representation of you, but images that allow your true inner beauty shine out!


I will help you to choose the right outfit for you, I will also direct you the whole time, positioning you in poses that will not only flatter your body, but will also hide the little bits you don’t want to show – yep, we all have them!
I will focus on what you have best and use the best lighting to flatter you.

So, what’s the next step!?

Give me a call and let's start a conversation about what YOUR Boudoir Experience will feel like.

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