For your information: check here our privacy policy, photoshop policy, pricing, shoots on location and extra details about your session.

Privacy Policy

I take my work and privacy very seriously. I will never post/use a picture of you without your consent. Some clients feel comfortable with me using their photos as it inspires other women, but they always give me a written consent allowing me to use the photos, even in this case, the client tells me which photos I am allowed to use. If you want 100% privacy I will totally understand and won’t pressure you in any way.


Photoshop Policy

If you are asking me if I change women’s body using Photoshop, the answer is no! I refuse to modify someone’s body as it goes totally against the reasons I do what I do and because I know how it feels not to have self-love and wanting to change. I ask you to trust me and let me show you that you don’t need Photoshop, you just need to see yourself through my lenses.
However I'll retouch the picture – like old style photographers would do in the dark room but using a software on my computer – to make it aesthetically pleasant and with a professional finish to it.


The session fee is €200 and includes the experience describes above and 1 digital image.

High end albums, wall art and other products are available for purchase separately. Albums come in a variety of options and sizes, with prices ranging from €300 to €1000 (based on overall size and number of images)
Digital packages and gifting options are also available.
If you choose, payment plans are an option.

Shoots on Location

There is only one think I love more than photographing women and it is combining travelling with photographing women. Destination shoots are amazing! I’ve done few and loved it. I encourage you to think outside the box and think about that combination too. Imagine you and your friends in places like Bali, Thailand, Ibiza, Portugal, in amazing locations by the sea creating stunning photos of you!? I am sold! Shoot me an email for availability, more details and rates. ( )

Boudoir Photography