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Do you remember the first time you rode a bike without training wheels?

The wind in your hairs,  your father so proud he let go on the right moment…
And even that you father said he would be holding on… you managed to do it by yourself.
Your first truth or dare at your best friends birthday party and all the giggling girls you shared your deepest emotions with?
Do you remember the first crush?
Was he the boy from school you where secretly daydreaming about?
Or can you recall the first time you had a beer? Which mostly likely you were not aloud!! And most likely was not the best you ever had.
Remember that first kiss with your significant other… fireworks in your head… thrills in your body…. the taste of their lips?
Little big things we should always cherish and celebrate whenever the time is right, without putting it on hold… as life is never what we expect It to be.
Unless you are a princess, actress or an astronaut… but then again…just celebrate because we deserve our little treats in life to fuel us and give meaning to us every amazingly cherished day!
Everyday I meet women that want to do a boudoir session to celebrate something.
A birthday, wedding anniversary, a new job, the end of a abusive relationship, a sickness or just a new hair cut.
No matter your reason is it must be celebrated!
I have been thinking about this for a while and because my birthday is coming I decide to share the happiness with my clients and an special offer is valid until the end of July. 

UPDATE: Few more days to book your session with the offer! Until the 4th of July.


Booking and more information please contact me contact@byvalois.com!








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