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Business Work Art | Read here how I found a balance between

Sometimes, like everybody else, I need to shake things up and change everything.. when I say change I literally mean CHANGE.

For example.. once my boyfriend came home from a trip to find the living room where the bedroom was and bedroom on our quite bright living room space. After few days waking up with the sun he wasn’t very happy. So we started sleeping on the floor of our living room/officially bedroom space.
I love changing my hair (I don’t do it very often tho), getting new tattoos (don’t do that often either haha), trying new restaurants (oh yeahh this one I do a lot), new experience and traveling.
So few month ago when I decided to move house/”space where I work”. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to change everything else too… from my way of working, to prices, packages, products and also the experience itself. The only thing I haven’t changed is the amazing professional make up artists I work with (they are amazing)

The past 2-3 years of my business were totally crazy. A long list of amazing women passed in front of my lenses .. non stop and I loved it. I learned a lot with each one of the strong women I met, but this year I’ve realised that all the work, not having weekends for myself and not having time to spend with my loved ones were not good for me.

REALLY WANESKA!? Haha 😛 This is not news and I am not the only one in the world, but it is hard to realise when you are in the middle of the storm.
Don’t get me wrong.. I love my work, I love every photo shoot I had and the women I met, but as an artist (Yep! After a long time I now have the courage to call myself an artist – you can check more on that here) Working like crazy was not healthy for me.

I was feeling drained and like every photo was the same .. the creativity was gone! I started procrastinating, not doing what needed to be done and it started to affect my business.

Getting ready

But how was I going to fix it!? How was I going to change and make it work again!?
Few years ago when I found Boudoir photography I also found an amazing Boudoir
Photographer – Stormy from Rebel and Romance – living in the UK and I spend 2 full days with her learning everything I could about Boudoir Photography and It was worth every (lot’s) of pounds I invested.
Than this year during my crises I decided talk to her again, but this time not about photos.

This time I wanted to focus on the business and also the psychological side of things – during our 4 mentoring sessions I realised I have a money block and also problems with receiving complements (more on that on another blog post)

One of the biggest changes I made was in relation to the way I work now.. The Photo Experience I offer now is a lot more intimate and special for my clients. I spend a lot more time with each and everyone one of them. They get to know me a bit more (and I get to know them too) which helps on the day of the experience because they feel more comfortable helping me to create amazing portraits of them.

I also started to trust a lot more on my instincts and the law of attraction. In consequence I am attracting the most amazing and strong women (and some men haha.. I will tell you all about it soon). As you can see the photos below…

So what I want to tell you with this post is.. If you are in the middle of the storm now.. don’t worry! You will get out of it and find your own way. The universe and yourself with a lot of work will change and rearrange everything.
The chaos can be productive too! Enjoy it for now and learn everything you can because in times like that getting out of your comfort zone are the times you grow.

Love ❤






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