Miss D. Boudoir Experience

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Today I would like to answer 5 of the most asked questions about the Boudoir Experience.


1- Do I need to get naked?

NO! Usually the photos are done wearing lingerie, but it can also be done with clothes. It’s totally up to you!


2- I’ve never done something like this before and I am quite shy. What if I don’t know what to do in front of the camera?

95% of my clients have never done it before and most of them are shy too. I will help you though out the whole experience, from choosing the outfits to posing directions on the big day. My job is to make sure you enjoy the experience and leave my place empowered with great photos of yourself.


3- Who will see my pictures?

It is up to you! On our end, the only people that will see your photos will be the Female Portrait team (formed only by women).


4- I still need to loose the extra 5kg. Do you do Photoshop?

We don’t want to change you. We want to achieve a more natural feel to the photos and we want to show you how beautiful your really are.

Also I can do more with posing, the right outfit and good light than you on the gym in 6 weeks 🙂


5- Will you post my photos online?

We do not post photos of clients online without their permission. So the only way we would post your photos is if you sign a Model Release. (Like Miss D)



Miss D. was the winner of our Instagram promotion few month back. I would like to thanks her (again) for letting me show you her pictures.

Make up by Natasha Deegan MUA 

Photos by Valois



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