Discovering my beauty

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The discovering my beauty of today is the story of this amazing woman.

My name is Weruska Freitas. Im 39 years old, and am from Goiana, Brazil but I love Sao Paulo more than anything. HR is my biggest passion and I am an extremely dedicated HR executive. 
I am celebrating life, the coming of my 40th, the power to reinvent myself and the discovery of a beauty that I did not imagine I had – even without the desired shape. Through Waneska’s photos I saw a strong woman, even within my 1.57cm.
This realisation is due to the great sensitivity and talent of the person who created my photos, a mirror so that I could see who I really am: not only a great professional but also a great woman.
Then comes the result. It was liberating! When I saw the result I could not believe it! I had to ask myself …..Is this me? Ahhh, what a sensation !
Now, the only difficult part is to controlling myself and my excitement ! I feel like showing my photos to the whole world shouting: that’s me!
I’m already thinking about the next photo shoot, I think I’ll have to go back to Dublin very soon 🙂 …..

This and other histories to come are part of my campaign Celebrate it! To understand a bit…


Sou Weruska Freitas, 39 anos, Goiana que vive e morre de amores por SP. Sou executiva de RH, extremamente dedicada ao trabalho, minha grande paixão.
Estou celebrando a vida, a chegada dos meus 40 anos, o poder de me reinventar e a descoberta de uma beleza que não imaginei que eu tivesse, mesmo sem a boa forma desejada. Através das fotos enxerguei uma mulher inteira, um mulherão com meus 1.57cm.
Isso se deve à grande sensibilidade e ao talento de quem fez das minhas fotos um espelho para que eu pudesse enxergar quem de fato sou: não só uma grande profissional, mas também uma grande mulher.
Foi libertador! Quando vi o resultado não acreditei!
Essa sou Eu? Ahhh, que sensação! Agora, o difícil é me controlar para não sair mostrando para todo mundo: essa sou eu!
Já estou pensando no próximo ensaio, acho que terei que voltar à Dublin…

Essa e outras historias que estão por vim fazem parte da nossa campanha Celebrate it! Saiba mais…



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Reasons to celebrate

Our “Celebrate It” campaign is having a great impact… not only on our social channels but also on our clients’s lives!
The idea of this campaign started with my birthday, which I love to celebrate, and then a thought came to my mind…

Why do we wait a whole year to have a reason to celebrate?

To open that special bottle of prosecco? To buy oneself a gift?
A new year is for sure a great reason to celebrate, but everyday we face so many obstacles and challenges that we tend to forget how brave we are and how successful today can be.
Small things must be also a reason to make you smile, to make you cook a special dinner, to make you buy flowers and to have a 3 hour phone call with your best friend.

Everyday is the first day of a new year… so it has to be enjoyed!

I share this video today and I hope it inspires you as my clients as much as their true stories inspire me as professional… and as a woman.

Celebrate it!


More about our Celebrate season? Check it here: 50% OFF and more!
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Celebrate it

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Do you remember the first time you rode a bike without training wheels?

The wind in your hairs,  your father so proud he let go on the right moment…
And even that you father said he would be holding on… you managed to do it by yourself.
Your first truth or dare at your best friends birthday party and all the giggling girls you shared your deepest emotions with?
Do you remember the first crush?
Was he the boy from school you where secretly daydreaming about?
Or can you recall the first time you had a beer? Which mostly likely you were not aloud!! And most likely was not the best you ever had.
Remember that first kiss with your significant other… fireworks in your head… thrills in your body…. the taste of their lips?
Little big things we should always cherish and celebrate whenever the time is right, without putting it on hold… as life is never what we expect It to be.
Unless you are a princess, actress or an astronaut… but then again…just celebrate because we deserve our little treats in life to fuel us and give meaning to us every amazingly cherished day!
Everyday I meet women that want to do a boudoir session to celebrate something.
A birthday, wedding anniversary, a new job, the end of a abusive relationship, a sickness or just a new hair cut.
No matter your reason is it must be celebrated!
I have been thinking about this for a while and because my birthday is coming I decide to share the happiness with my clients and an special offer is valid until the end of July. 

UPDATE: Few more days to book your session with the offer! Until the 4th of July.


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Biggest challenge of my business

Biggest challenge of my business

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The biggest challenge of my business is not finding clients, is not creating the photos, is not explaining what I do.. The biggest challenge is having photos to show my work.
Because most of my clients live this experience for private reasons and don’t allow me to use their pictures. The reasons vary, some do it to boost their self esteem, some do it to celebrate something, others to motivate them to achieve a goal, to keep healthy, some to gift their partners (every form of love)
So, sometimes I need to find women to model for me. Women that want to live the experience and want to help other women to be happy too.
I am quite happy to be surrounded by amazing women that understand my mission and want to be part of it.
This time I found Miss R. the amazing woman you see in the photo. Four of my clients are her friends and she has being watching my work for a long time wishing to have the experience herself, but for some reasons she couldn’t do it. One day when she saw I was looking for “models” she send me an email telling me the reasons why she would like to do it.
Her email touched me.
I am not going to list her reasons here, but I can tell you that most of us feel the same and the biggest problem is that we think we are the only ones. If women were more honest to each other and opened up to other women for real we would all feel better, we would all help each other a lot more.
We need to feel we belong and the best way is to connect truly and free ourselves from any kind of pressure from others. We need to BE OURSELVES and LOVE OURSELVES. No one has the right to tell us how we should look or behave.
Today is Monday. The official day to start again! So let’s to it. Let’s hold each others hand and walk together. If one of us fall.. the others will pick us up.
Miss R. It was a huge pleasure to meet you, to photograph you, to help you and thank you for the trust (and the mug and chocolates haha) You are a strong and beautiful woman.
You might not see and feel it all the time (like the rest of us) but now you have your photos to look at and see the reality – without photoshop! Hope the photos will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.



Details of Boudoir Photography

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Details of Boudoir Photography


Boudoir Photography is the type of Photography rich in details. You can create a full photo shoot only using details and different parts of the woman’s body.

Today I want to show you some ideas (from different photo shoots) of details shots I love to create!

Hope you enjoy it too!











Photos by Valois



Reasons to do a Boudoir Photo Experience

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Reasons to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Today we will talk about the 6 main reasons why women decide to have a Boudoir Photo Shoot done.

1- Boos of Confidence: This is one of the main reasons women do a Boudoir Photo Shoot. They want to feel beautiful and sexy. They want to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. It is few hours just about them.. getting pampered up, not thinking about kids, husband, work, etc.. It’s all about them and in the end they have amazing pictures to remember it forever.


2- Gifting their Partners: This is another big one. The boudoir experience is a perfect gift for a Couple as it is an amazing experience for the woman and the partner get a really cool photos of their partner. P.s.: If the guy gives it to their partner they even get some Brownie Points 😀


3- Celebrate birthday: As the times goes by more and more women are doing a Boudoir Experience to celebrate their birthdays, specially the most important ones such as 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th. They all talk about how important is having a memory of how they looked at that age.


5- Celebrate a lost of weight: Our mind plays tricks on us. I’ve had girls coming to my studio after achieving their weight loss goals, but only realizing it after seeing the pictures. It is a life changing experience.


6- Motivation to keep fit: Lots of girls want to have these picture done to look at it during the hard times getting enough motivation to keep living a healthier life and keep achieving their fitness goals.


Here we only 6 of the main reasons to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot, but the list is endless. Every woman has a particular reason to do it, but the end result is always the same.. They live my Home Studio feeling amazing!!! 😀

Make up by Luiza

Photos by Valois



10 styles of Boudoir Photo Experience

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10 styles of Boudoir Photo Shoots

1-Bridal Boudoir: Photography experience for Brides where they get photos done wearing Bridal Lingerie to create a beautiful album to gift the partner on the Honeymoon.


2- The Boyfriend’s shirt: Usually it’s a gift for the boyfriend, so the photos are done with his shirt in a sensual way. I would say 80% of my clientes love this kind of photo.


3- Casual Boudoir: The casual style is more like a personal photo experience. Girls usually are doing it for themselves to celebrate birthdays, milestones of life, etc.. The photos are done without much direction in a very natural way.


4- Glamour Boudoir: An experience to feel the most amazing woman on earth. Anything that glamour means to you can be used. Let’s go fancy! Stocking, pearls, jewelry, vintage props, etc..


5- 50 Shades of Grey: Inspired in the movie, this experience can have everything you ever fantasized. The girls always think big for this one and bring a whole bag with accessories, sex toys, props, etc. Anything and everything is allowed!! Use your imagination!


6- Couple Boudoir: This is one of the most intimate experience a couple could have. They register in photos sensual and candid moments of their relationship and have something to sheer forever. Usually couples bring their favorite lingeries and also sex toys.


7- White Sheets: The white sheets is a huge success. The nude without being nude and also without showing. This kind of Boudoir photo shoot is inspired on “In Bed With Marilyn Monroe”


8- Pregnancy Boudoir: More and more women are learning that Pregnancy is also a very sensual moment for the women and a Pregnancy Boudoir Photo Shoot is a perfect way to register this amazing moment in life.


9- Outdoor Boudoir: Boudoir experience done outside with an artistic feel where you feel free and connected with Nature.


10- Nude Boudoir: My own Boudoir photo shoot was a Nude one. I always wanted to have the courage to pose nude and it felt liberating! More and more women are doing this style of Boudoir.


Make ups by Camila Kay, Natasha, Ludmila, Greici, Monica.

Photos by Valois



5 things said by past clients

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5 things past clients said about the photo experience.

(from different clients)


1- My boudoir photo shoot was an experience of empowerment. Every woman should do it. The idea was a little daunting initially but the end result far outweighed my nerves.


2- Many times we forget how beautiful we are, we don’t feeling like an attractive and seductive woman. When I saw the photos, I felt like a model in a magazine.


3- I was feeling glamorous and sexy and I felt totally at ease as I was guided through a
number of poses.


4- I never thought that doing a boudoir photo shoot could be such a wonderful experience. This week I had the opportunity to make eternal a very special occasion with my boyfriend through her photos.


5- What started as a joke between me and my girlfriend turned out to be one of the most amazing and surprising experiences i’ve ever had. We had so much fun together.


Miss R. is very confident and amazing woman. It was such a pleasure to photograph her.

She is such a free and down to earth kind of girl with a huge heart.

Make up by Camila Kay

Photos by Valois

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Best Christmas Gift for your other half

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Are you still looking for a Christmas gift for the special woman in your life??


Here are 5 reasons why you should get her a Boudoir Experience by Valois


1- This is a unique experience that will leave her feeling beautiful and empowered.


2- She will have a special time where everything is about her and she will for once forget about the world and focus on herself.


3- She will get pampered up all included, Hair and Make up done by a Professional


4- You both will end up with Gorgeous pictures of her to cheer forever.

blog_3 blog_4

5- You are going to get a lot of Brownie points 😀


Make up by Camila Kay

Photos by Valois



Miss D. Boudoir Experience

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Today I would like to answer 5 of the most asked questions about the Boudoir Experience.


1- Do I need to get naked?

NO! Usually the photos are done wearing lingerie, but it can also be done with clothes. It’s totally up to you!


2- I’ve never done something like this before and I am quite shy. What if I don’t know what to do in front of the camera?

95% of my clients have never done it before and most of them are shy too. I will help you though out the whole experience, from choosing the outfits to posing directions on the big day. My job is to make sure you enjoy the experience and leave my place empowered with great photos of yourself.


3- Who will see my pictures?

It is up to you! On our end, the only people that will see your photos will be the Female Portrait team (formed only by women).


4- I still need to loose the extra 5kg. Do you do Photoshop?

We don’t want to change you. We want to achieve a more natural feel to the photos and we want to show you how beautiful your really are.

Also I can do more with posing, the right outfit and good light than you on the gym in 6 weeks 🙂


5- Will you post my photos online?

We do not post photos of clients online without their permission. So the only way we would post your photos is if you sign a Model Release. (Like Miss D)



Miss D. was the winner of our Instagram promotion few month back. I would like to thanks her (again) for letting me show you her pictures.

Make up by Natasha Deegan MUA 

Photos by Valois



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