Five reasons to love yourself

Five reasons to love yourself

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Five reasons to love yourself is not only a list but chat between you and me.

Let’s be honest, every day is a challenge we face to keep our goals on track and fight for our dreams.
Every morning we wake up, go to work, gym, school, prepare food, call your mum or closest friend, do laundry, read some makeup tutorials and so on.
With all that, we forget about us…to love ourselves…deeply!

In modern times, it is not always easy to deal positively with our appearance or way of being. Every day we hear that we have to change as if all our imperfections and small details should be corrected.

But, do not fall for it! Instead of trying to change and seek for a perfection that does not exist, how about loving the way you are?
There are many reasons!

1 – No one is perfect

Believe me, the magazine cover model is not perfect. Neither your best friend, nor your mother, nor me, nor you. Everyone has
imperfections and insecurities. And believe me, this is what makes us beautiful and different from everybody else. So instead of fighting
with yourself, remember that no one is perfect, and you do not have to be either!

2 – You are unique

Have you ever stopped to think that it is unique? Everyone has similarities, standard tastes or even the same yearnings, but no one in the world is just like you – your DNA that says so. No one will find you in someone else … So, keep being unique!

3 – You will appreciate more if you leave the opinion of others aside

When you stop worrying about achieving unreachable perfection and begin to accept yourself the way it is, it will become much easier to
realize all the beauty in you. This is where you learn to value yourself, not to care about the critical opinion of others.

(A sincere compliment always goes well, but believe me: you do not need it to feel good about yourself.)


4 – And you will also be happier

If you accept the way you are and love yourself is the fastest way to be happy. We become more positive people, who are not quickly moved by
the opinion of others, and, above all, we do not live in the shadow of the insecurity of our imperfections.

5 – You will inspire others

In addition to feeling good about yourself and being much happier, your self-confidence will inspire others. What started as something
personal can become a real chain of good and result in a cycle where we all encourage and help each other.

We are beautiful precisely as we are, and even more so when we are united! 🙂

So I give you a challenge… every week do something for you..a haircut, a meditation, a special meal…whatever makes you happy! Pamper yourself.

Love ♥


Boudoir – a short history

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This post will tell you a bit of the Boudoir History.

The art of Boudoir has been captured in pictures for many years by now, longer than would be thought.

It shortly translates as intimacy in its purest form captured to a sensual suggestive memory in time, without being explicit.

A  Boudoir photographer tries to find the beauty that exists in every woman. As said in its purest form when she feels at her most vulnerable and yet comfortable with her body, life, and soul.

The history of this beautiful profession came to a start in the chambers of past times, when the act of dressing and undressing was still a formal occasion between the lady of the house and her maid. This called for a separate room, away from the bedroom and was called a boudoir.

Although it is recently only begun to come more and more to attention as a valuable genre of the photography scene, it has been around for much longer than that.

The boudoir trend became noted during the 1920s when it was defined as an art form of the photographed scene. Before that time it was illegal to have nudity in photographs, and yet some avant-garde photographers continued to produce masterpieces of boudoir photography, mostly woman, in romantic ways.

Boudoir History - Marie Prevost 1922
Marie Prevost 1922

During the 1940s

Boudoir was mostly portrayed by busty, well-curved woman who had been classed as pin-ups by that time. This was the ghost of that era as skinny girls were considered undesirable. That was the era when props were commonly used during shoots.


Ava Gardner 1940's pin up
Ava Gardner 1940’s pin up

A new era

Another era that is specific for Boudoir history in photography was the 1970s. It was the time that Boudoir was more defined as an art. Also, commonly magazines allow the pictures of real women instead of drawings that were used before. It was then that people got more used to the art and it was more accepted.
Although it is an art form that was more and more accepted and had changed over the years it was still a taboo for many. We can say it was misunderstood and the few that misunderstood thought that this was a form of glorified pornography.


Uschi Obermaier by Jeanloup-Sieff for Vogue Italia, 1972.
Uschi Obermaier by Jeanloup-Sieff for Vogue Italia, 1972.


It is more and more accepted and even so encouraged and celebrated in many circles. This is a sexy new trend that defines women as sensual, to boost their self-esteem and to please themselves as well as to value their body. Luckily this is a trend not yet to fade out and brings us woman the joy of showing off our beautiful bodies.



Data Source: Huffington Post

Photo Source: Photo 1 – The Female Portrait, Photo 2 – Marie Prevost 1922 , Photo 3 – Ava Gardiner 1940 , Photo 4 – Uschi Obermaier


Easy Wardrobe Ideas

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The easy wardrobe ideas, we all have, for your boudoir experience.

Well, I decided to write this post because the first thought on my clients’s mind when they think about their Boudoir Experience is “Oh God! What am I going to wear?”

So I’ve decided to write a post about it and show you that you don’t need to worry so much. Don’t get stressed.

If you are like me.. prefer the basic, the simple.. this post you help you a lot!  


The basic top:

We all have a basic top that we love. The basic top can help to create some of the most amazing photos.



The dress:

Another easy outfit is that dress we love. It can be long or short. It is perfect to capture movement which gives the photo a bit of flow and we love it.


The jacket:

A nice jacket can be very sexy and also you don’t feel so exposed. It can be the “office” jacket for a more sexy look, or even your big winter jacket for a more cosy look.


The jeans:

One piece we all have for sure is the JEANS.. and who said you can’t wear a jeans at your Boudoir session??

Wardrobe - Boudoir - Jeans

The jumper:

Jumper is another basic piece that can be great for the session. Every type is allowed.. the open ones, the closed one, the see through ones.. We love jumpersss <3

Wardrobe - Boudoir - Jumper

The kimono:

Kimono is one of my favourites, specially the lace ones. They are so sexy. Every woman should have a kimono.


The one piece:

All the body suits, the swimming suits, etc.. they all work and look beautiful.

Wardrobe ideas - Outfits - Boudoir - Photography

The robe:

Robe are very versatile. They can look sexy, cozy, romantic, simple, etc.. It is a very good piece to have during your Boudoir Experience.


The shirt:

White-shirt, black, grey.. even the boyfriend’s – is perfect, but one advise.. try to get one that fits well on you. The big ones may not work as well as you wish

Wardrobe - Boudoir - T-shirt

The short shorts:

The short shorts are always welcome. They are basic and look very nice while making you feel comfy and not so exposed.


The skirts:

Ahhh the skirt!!! It can be quite sexy. The pencil skirts are my favourites, but the flowy ones are also quite nice.

P.s.: The photographer being a model. Photo by Zi Fernandes.

Wardobre - Boudoir - Skirt


Something nothing at all is the best option. Also, in my opinion, posing naked is liberating and makes you feel very strong. There is something about being naked that make you feel powerful. Most of my clients want to have that beautiful artistic nude, but some of them don’t have the courage to do it on the day of the session and regret.. I had women coming back for a second shoot just so they could do the so desired nude.


So here are several wardrobe ideas you can use in your boudoir experience but if there is one advise I can give you is…




Love ❤


Business Work Art

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Business Work Art | Read here how I found a balance between

Sometimes, like everybody else, I need to shake things up and change everything.. when I say change I literally mean CHANGE.

For example.. once my boyfriend came home from a trip to find the living room where the bedroom was and bedroom on our quite bright living room space. After few days waking up with the sun he wasn’t very happy. So we started sleeping on the floor of our living room/officially bedroom space.
I love changing my hair (I don’t do it very often tho), getting new tattoos (don’t do that often either haha), trying new restaurants (oh yeahh this one I do a lot), new experience and traveling.
So few month ago when I decided to move house/”space where I work”. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to change everything else too… from my way of working, to prices, packages, products and also the experience itself. The only thing I haven’t changed is the amazing professional make up artists I work with (they are amazing)

The past 2-3 years of my business were totally crazy. A long list of amazing women passed in front of my lenses .. non stop and I loved it. I learned a lot with each one of the strong women I met, but this year I’ve realised that all the work, not having weekends for myself and not having time to spend with my loved ones were not good for me.

REALLY WANESKA!? Haha 😛 This is not news and I am not the only one in the world, but it is hard to realise when you are in the middle of the storm.
Don’t get me wrong.. I love my work, I love every photo shoot I had and the women I met, but as an artist (Yep! After a long time I now have the courage to call myself an artist – you can check more on that here) Working like crazy was not healthy for me.

I was feeling drained and like every photo was the same .. the creativity was gone! I started procrastinating, not doing what needed to be done and it started to affect my business.

Getting ready

But how was I going to fix it!? How was I going to change and make it work again!?
Few years ago when I found Boudoir photography I also found an amazing Boudoir
Photographer – Stormy from Rebel and Romance – living in the UK and I spend 2 full days with her learning everything I could about Boudoir Photography and It was worth every (lot’s) of pounds I invested.
Than this year during my crises I decided talk to her again, but this time not about photos.

This time I wanted to focus on the business and also the psychological side of things – during our 4 mentoring sessions I realised I have a money block and also problems with receiving complements (more on that on another blog post)

One of the biggest changes I made was in relation to the way I work now.. The Photo Experience I offer now is a lot more intimate and special for my clients. I spend a lot more time with each and everyone one of them. They get to know me a bit more (and I get to know them too) which helps on the day of the experience because they feel more comfortable helping me to create amazing portraits of them.

I also started to trust a lot more on my instincts and the law of attraction. In consequence I am attracting the most amazing and strong women (and some men haha.. I will tell you all about it soon). As you can see the photos below…

So what I want to tell you with this post is.. If you are in the middle of the storm now.. don’t worry! You will get out of it and find your own way. The universe and yourself with a lot of work will change and rearrange everything.
The chaos can be productive too! Enjoy it for now and learn everything you can because in times like that getting out of your comfort zone are the times you grow.

Love ❤






Calling myself an artist

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Oh God.. it took a long time to see myself as – and call myself – an artist . I never thought I was good enough and also thought I was going to be judged by the “real artists” I was scared to be called a fraud.

The first time I said – out and loud – “I am an artist” was on a drunken night in London with my beloved friend (also an artist in denial) George Gannon.

We were screaming at each other – really screaming – “YOU ARE AN ARTIST” “YOU ARE AN ARTIST” many times over and over again.. until it changed to “I AM AN ARTIST” – Thank God people couldn’t hear us, the music was very loud, two crazy drunk artists finally having the courage to accept and love themselves.

Calling myself an artist

Actually, it was a pity people couldn’t hear us. Maybe, if they could hear us we would be able to help someone else going through the same thing.

The screams, the hugs, the crazy dance were all very liberating. The feeling of freedom and power were amazing! .. the hangover next day no so much.. 😛 haha

Maybe.. you reading this is thinking “Oh God, this is silly!” but you know what!? The feeling of freedom and power are still with me every time I call myself an artist, so with all due respect.. I don’t give a rats ass.. Hahaha

What changed?

Finally calling myself an artist took me out of the fraud box. I can experiment, get it wrong, but most important I can feel bad without the fear of being judged.. do you get it?

Knowing now that “feeling bad” is part of the process and I also know that it will pass. I understand now that “the feeling bad” is just myself getting out of my comfort zone and learning.

Life is not all flowers, Instagram life is not real. Problems will happen, bad days will happen.. the process is long and hard, but the bad days won’t last forever.

Lift your head up, take a deep breath, allow yourself to feel bad for a bit, than pay attention to what the Universe is trying to tell you.. take it all in and grow!

Trust yourself .. you are stronger than what you think – I surprise myself a lot.

AND if you are an artist but is scared of saying it out loud… try screaming ☺ You might hear yourself and change your life forever. <3

Love ♥





Minha gente, demorou muito para eu me ver – e me chamar – de artista. I sempre pensei que eu não era boa o suficiente e que os “artistas de verdade” iriam me julgar .. eu tinha medo de ser chamada de fraude.
A primeira vez que eu falei – alto – na verdade gritando – “Eu sou uma artista” foi numa noite de bebedeira em Londres com meu amado amigo (um artista em negação) George Gannon.

Nós estávamos gritando um para o outro – gritando mesmo – “VOCÊ É UM ARTISTA”  “VOCÊ É UM ARTISTA” muitas e muitas vezes… até que a nossa fala mudou para a “EU SOU UMA ARTISTA” – Graças a Deus a musica estava alta e as pessoas não estavam escutando, dois loucos bebados artistas finalmente tendo coragem de se aceitar e de se amar

Na verdade, foi uma pena que as pessoas não nos escutaram. Talvez, se alguém tivesse escutado nó poderíamos te ajudado alguém que estava passando pela mesma situação.
Os gritos, os abrazos, a danza maluca.. tudo foi muito libertador. O sentimento de liberdade e poder foi incrível! A ressaca no outro dia que não foi legal 😛
Talvez.. voce ai lendo isso deve estar pensado “Oh meu pai, que coisa mais besta” mas sabe de uma? O sentimento de liberdade e poder ainda estão comigo todas as vezes que eu me chamo de artista, então não to nem ligando kkkkkkkkk
O que mudou?
Finalmente ao me chamar de artista eu sai de dentro da “fraude caixa”. Agora eu posso experimentar, posso errar, mas o mais importante, eu posso me sentir mal se o medo de me sentir de ser julgada.. você entende?
Eu sei agora que me sentir mal as vezes faz parte do processo e eu também sei que vai passar. Eu entendo agora que me sentir mal é simplesmente eu mesma saindo da minha zona de conforto e aprendendo.
A vida não é só flores, a vida do Instagram não é real. Problemas irão acontecer, os dias ruins vão acontecer.. o processo e longo e difícil, mas os dias ruins não irão acontecer para sempre.
Levante a sua cabeça, respire fundo, permita-se dias ruins e então preste atenção no que o Universo está tentando te dizer… entenda e cresça.

Confie em você mesma.. você é mais forte do que pensa – Eu me surpreendo muito!

E se você é um artista, mas ainda está com medo de falar isso em voz alta… teste gritar 😀 Talvez você mesma escute e sua vida vai mudar para sempre <3

Love ♥


Self love story from Mum & Daughter – As I began to love myself

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* A self love story translate from Portuguese. Original text below *

Amazing mum and daughter story on “As I began to love myself”. There is no age, shape or type of woman for boudoir experience.

Self love at 60

The first time I saw Waneska’s work was during the final of the “Fofoletes”. Which is a fitness group where we learn how to eat, exercise. We also learn about health and how to listen to our own body. While challenging ourselves and breaking our limits with the focus on results and, also become healthier in the process.

Waneska shows a sincere and moving side of the Boudoir Photography. This experience is a lot more than the photos, it’s whole like the creation of a very expressive art. Through her lenses she captures the majesty of the female beauty and our singularities as human beings as well.

Then in May, my mom came to visit me in Dublin. It was her 60ths birthday in March, so I wanted to give her a special birthday gift. Then I thought about Waneska’s experience. Moreover, my mom is an amazing woman inside out and she had never experience something like that.

Here is what she said about the experience:

“Taking photos was something that I really hated because I never thought I was pretty – until now. I used to hide every time I saw a camera. I didn’t like to take pictures, even with the people I love. After I lived the Boudoir Experience I felt free, because I realised how beautiful and radiant I am. I also found out that I could take photos anytime and anywhere, because I started seeing myself in another way.. Beautiful and in love with myself! “

I invite you to meet my mom:

Then me…

It took a long time for me to understand and recognise that the society we live in is very controlling and oppressive towards women. And we are thought to believe in the “perfect body”. Moreover, society teaches us that we are not as good as man, that we need to be less successful, we should stay at home, behave and be beautiful.

I’ve being working on getting to know myself for a while now, learning how to accept being who I am and, also myself love. Years ago, I read a text written by Charles Chaplin, called “As I began to love myself” which made me think a lot what really means the term self love. Since than I fight for my Authenticity, for the Respect I deserve for being who I am. I grow every day, I lay down my self-confidence, I try to see the beauty in everything around me.


Also, being the best version of myself was always on my mind. I research knowledge and wisdom, the balance, the love toward other and the most important the self-love. Consciously I give what I want to get back. The self-knowledge and self-love walk side by side. The self-trust and accepting yourself is something that require daily attention. I sincerely believe that every woman should accept and love herself the way she is.

So, the Boudoir experience gives us a unique chance to feel in the centre of everything, to feel unique and special. I feel very fulfilled with the results. In addition, I feel the most strong and confident woman. Even more, I lived this experience as it was a call for freedom of expression in which I gave voice to my body. I rediscovered myself and reaffirmed myself. Today I see myself more feminine and even more feminist.

Check her photos below…

As I began to love myself – Portuguese

Conheci o trabalho Boudoir da Waneska na final do meu primeiro “Fofoletes”, um grupo onde aprendemos a comer, a se exercitar, aprendemos sobre bem estar, sobre escutar a voz do nosso próprio corpo, se desafiar e superar limites e o resultado e a recuperação de saúde.
A Waneska aborda um lado muito sincero e tocante do ensaio Boudoir, é muito mais do que fotos, é uma experiência completa assim como a criação de arte muito expressiva. Através das suas lentes ela consegue capturar a grandiosidade da beleza feminina e a nossa singularidade como
seres humanos.
Em maio desse ano, minha mãe veio a Dublin me visitar. Ela havia completado 60 anos em Março desse ano e eu queria um presente muito especial, logo pensei na Waneska. Minha mãe, uma mulher maravilhosa por dentro e por fora, que nunca havia experenciado nada igual escreveu este
breve relato:

“Eu simplesmente não gostava de tirar fotos porque achava que nunca ficava bem, até então.
Me escondía sempre que podía para não sair nas fotos até junto das pessoas que amava. Depois que fiz o ensaio eu me libertei porque descobri o quanto sou bela e radiante e que sim podia tirar fotos a qualquer hora e lugar, poispassei a me enchergar de outra forma. Linda e apaixonada por mim.”

Então eu…

Eu demorei muito pra entender e reconhecer que a sociedade em que vivemos é muito regrada e opressora com as mulheres. Somos ensinadas a acreditar em uma “forma perfeita”, que devemos ser controladamente menores que os homens em quase tudo, menos expostas, menos successful e também mais comportadas, mais “belas, recatadas e do-lar”.

Já fazem alguns anos que venho trabalhando o meu auto conhecimento, a aceitação de ser quem eu sou e logo o meu amor próprio. Alguns anos atras eu me deparei com um texto escrito pelo Charles Chaplin, chamado “As I began to love myself” que me fez refletir o que realmente significa o termo self love.

Desde entao eu luto pela minha Autenticidade, pelo Respeito que eu mereço por ser quem sou, eu Amadureço a cada dia, rego a minha Auto confiança, tento enxergar a beleza em tudo que vejo. Quero sempre ser o melhor que posso ser. Procuro o conhecimento e a sabedoria, o equilibrio, o amor ao próximo e o mais importante o amor próprio.

Eu consientemente planto o que quero colher. O auto-conhecimento e o amor próprio andam de mãos dadas. A confiança em si mesmo e a aceitacao do EU e algo que requer atenção cuidados diários. Eu acredito sinceramente que toda mulher deveria se aceitar, se amar e se idolatrar do jeito que é.
A experiencia Boudoir by Valois nos dá essa chance única de se sentir no centro de tudo, se sentir única e especial.

Me sinto muito realizada com o resultado e uma mulher muito mais forte e confiante. Posso dizer ainda mais, eu encarei essa experiencia com forma de liberdade de expressão na qual dei voz ao meu corpo. Me redescobri e me reafirmei.
Hoje me enxergo mais mulher e mais feminista.

If you also want to be part of the “self love” group and have a picture that really represents you don’t hesitate to contact me!

Suicide Prevention Awareness

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Since my birthday this year in July I started to think about the importance of celebrate moments.

We usually post-pone festive moments because life is so busy that we really forget to smile, to celebrate, to be thankful.

When my clients book a session we have a pre-consultation where we get to know each other a little bit and I can understand the main reasons why she or he wants to have a boudoir experience.

I’m glad that many of my clients want this experience to gift someone special, but it’s great that many of them are doing for themselves.

However, I’m writing this post today because I know there are lot of people don’t feel happy enough to celebrate their own lives. Even worse than that.. they think they have no reason to stay alive so they end up taking their own life.

I know this is a heavy subject but we have to talk about this.

We have to talk about suicide!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that each year approximately one million people die from suicide. This number represents a global mortality rate of 16 people per 100,000 or one death every 40 seconds.

It’s becoming so popular between men and women from all ages and places. We have to understand more about it and be able to help those who don’t see life through another perspective.

Yellow Ribbon is an organisation created to help promote suicide prevention programs for young and teens around the world and Aware is for adults over 18 in Ireland. Moreover, Samaritans is available 24/7 on free call 116 123, email

Mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder affect a person’s thinking, feeling and behavior.

It’s important to say that we can help people in many ways and my campaign Celebrate it is here for it. I hope I can help many more people finding their own beauty and celebrate it, celebrate their lives and history.

You can help as well! Donating to organizations, sharing their websites and phones, participating of talks in your community to understand more about mood disorder, being a listener and so on.

We can’t let this number increase!


Madrid – Aquí voy!

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It’s a great pleasure to come back to Madrid one more time!


I’ll be in Madrid from 26 to 29 of October but hurry up because there are only few places available.

And this time I’ll be with the makeup artist Pauline Borba.

For more informations email me at


¡Es un gran placer volver a Madrid una vez más!


Del 26 al 29 de octubre pero date prisa porque hay pocos lugares disponibles.

Y esta vez estaré con la artista de maquillaje Pauline Borba.

Para más información envíeme un correo electrónico a

Madrid Boudoir by Valois

Madrid Boudoir by Valois

Madrid Boudoir by Valois

A New Woman…Celebrate it!

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My experience about the day I looked at myself!

A new woman story is a true story sent from one of my clients. Enjoy the reading!

To begin I have to admit something: we’re so used to look at someone else’s life. Always to others and not to ourselves. That we forget to celebrate us! And a lot of my life I was celebrating other things until life decided to turn me upside-down, inside out. But then it came the first time I looked at myself!

My body, my soul. I got shocked because I realised I didn’t know much about myself! That happened pretty much after I move to Dublin. It was an unexpected change. I was supposed to be learning a new language but I ended up learning about myself! It wasn’t easy…but when I really saw myself I decided to spread this feeling, this love I found for myself! There were a child and a woman alive within me! The child new how to be happy and spontaneous.


She knew how to smile and not to care much about others.. But the woman… Ahh the woman! The same that knew how to be strong and soft. Also she knew how to be vulnerable and intense! How to be sexy. How to be wild and feminine. And I wanted to see this feminine there… Out there!

From another perspective…

I wanted to see love and life taking shape and form through my body and existence! My photoshoot show me that beautiful mix! But there were still one more thing left.. The spirit, the soul, the essence of me! Thailand brought it in the hardest and beautiful way! I was there with myself again. Alone! Body, soul and mind being one! Living and celebrating this existence. I knew I was love but I was giving it away, giving to others when I was the one who should receive it first!

My child, my woman, my wildness. I discovered I was complete! Everything I was looking for! I was everything I should ever celebrate! Without me the world would have a little bit less love and life… Because I’m part of it! I understood and I saw I was the whole universe in a woman body and I could be everything I wish I could be… Just being myself! There is no bigger celebration than finally meeting yourself and loving it! I’m feminine, woman, wild and whole!

Do you also want to find the new woman on you? Contact me

Being a woman in a man’s world

Being a woman in a man’s world

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Do you know this woman called Mary T Barra?

She is the first female CEO of a major global automaker!
Since 2014 in the position of Chairman and CEO of General Motors Company.
She had to face many situations where her presence was not welcome just because she is a woman and society tried to take her away from this “man sector” in many ways but they all failed.
There are several inequalities in society we all know that.
One of the most evident is gender relations, less related to the economic issue and more to the cultural and social point of view.
From this point on, constitute social representations about the participation of women within varied spaces, whether in the family, in the school, in the church, in the social movements, and finally in society.
However, in the last decades of the twentieth century, we witnessed one of the most striking facts in the world. 
The growing insertion of women in the field of work, a fact explained by the combination of economic, cultural and social factors and of course our persistence to prove how good we are.
The scenario still not positive but women are showing the strength we have and how far we can go.
This and other inspiring stories can be found on the website WomenForOne.
As a boudoir photographer I meet many women like Mary T Barra, working in a “male” sector.
Apart from they incredible work they are also opening space to many other women entre. You rock girls!
I wish to all of us more equality, opportunities and respect as worker, colleague and as only women as well.

Woman Boudoir Experience

 Do you want to know more about my work? Click here…

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