10 styles of Boudoir Photo Experience

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10 styles of Boudoir Photo Shoots

1-Bridal Boudoir: Photography experience for Brides where they get photos done wearing Bridal Lingerie to create a beautiful album to gift the partner on the Honeymoon.


2- The Boyfriend’s shirt: Usually it’s a gift for the boyfriend, so the photos are done with his shirt in a sensual way. I would say 80% of my clientes love this kind of photo.


3- Casual Boudoir: The casual style is more like a personal photo experience. Girls usually are doing it for themselves to celebrate birthdays, milestones of life, etc.. The photos are done without much direction in a very natural way.


4- Glamour Boudoir: An experience to feel the most amazing woman on earth. Anything that glamour means to you can be used. Let’s go fancy! Stocking, pearls, jewelry, vintage props, etc..


5- 50 Shades of Grey: Inspired in the movie, this experience can have everything you ever fantasized. The girls always think big for this one and bring a whole bag with accessories, sex toys, props, etc. Anything and everything is allowed!! Use your imagination!


6- Couple Boudoir: This is one of the most intimate experience a couple could have. They register in photos sensual and candid moments of their relationship and have something to sheer forever. Usually couples bring their favorite lingeries and also sex toys.


7- White Sheets: The white sheets is a huge success. The nude without being nude and also without showing. This kind of Boudoir photo shoot is inspired on “In Bed With Marilyn Monroe”


8- Pregnancy Boudoir: More and more women are learning that Pregnancy is also a very sensual moment for the women and a Pregnancy Boudoir Photo Shoot is a perfect way to register this amazing moment in life.


9- Outdoor Boudoir: Boudoir experience done outside with an artistic feel where you feel free and connected with Nature.


10- Nude Boudoir: My own Boudoir photo shoot was a Nude one. I always wanted to have the courage to pose nude and it felt liberating! More and more women are doing this style of Boudoir.


Make ups by Camila Kay, Natasha, Ludmila, Greici, Monica.

Photos by Valois



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