Thereza Murphy

I would highly recommend. Waneska makes you feel comfortable in your self and is very easy going. It's time for you and she makes you feel special which means you can enjoy your experience more. Photos came out lovely I was very pleased and that's coming from a person who hides from cameras . Thank you.

Josilane Lopes

Waneska is extremely professional. I loved to work with her and the pictures were beautiful. When someone says to me: I feel shy to take pictures like that.
I always answer: Don’t feel shy because Waneska leaves us super chill.

Thank you Waneska for making me feel more beautiful.

Clesia Jordana

When I decided to do the female portrait to celebrate turning 40 years old I was a bit nervous but Waneska made me feel completely comfortable, I felt like a star. Waneska Valois explored my sexy female side, I loved the results and I will look forward to doing it again.Thanks Waneska for seeing the best of me, I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Eveline Zerio

Waneska simply makes me fell the hottest girl in the world! I high recommend her job. I was completely comfortable and the photos come out lovely! I am in love with my pictures and myself 🙂 Thanks a lot

Thamara Pereira

I strongly recommend Waneska. She is very professional and creative. She puts love in what she does and you can see that in the pictures. Furthermore, she is so kind and nice to be around!

Heleni Barreto

I strongly recommend Waneska work. Me and my boyfriend made the pictures and I was a little bit nervous, but Waneska let us very comfortable. We love the pictures and we are very grateful.
Thank you very much Waneska!

Pauline Borba

It was one of the most empowered choices that I ever had. On the day of the photoshoot I was not in my best mood but Waneska made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She is really professional, I was mesmerised! When she gave me the pictures I look that and I had never realised before how much beautiful I am! The final result had gone over my expectations! The pictures couldn't be better! Waneska really knows how to photograph our soul. Its a experience that ever woman should have at least once in the life.

Guilherme Cliquet 

What started as a joke between me and my girlfriend turned out to be one of the most amazing and surprising experiences I've ever had. We had so much fun together that we even tried to suggest some things during the photo session and laughed about ourselves while discovering our bodies.
I felt comfortable with Waneska and really begun to admire her work and her style. Im proud of my body and my girlfriend’s body as well, so the session was really about capturing that in a photo, making this moment and feeling eternal for us.
Thank you Waneska

Reysla Chiaradia

I never thought that doing a boudoir photo shoot could be such a wonderful experience. This week I had the opportunity to make eternal a very special occasion with my boyfriend through her photos. We were so unsure about how it would be, wondering if we’d feel comfortable to show our intimacy in front of her or if we’d know what to do during the session. It turned into a very relaxing, fun and unforgettable moment for both of us. Not only did we feel comfortable, but we felt free and confident to try and do even more sassy photos. We’re in love with the final results of the photos, her attention and care with all the details. Thank you, Waneska, for one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had!

Ana Carolina

Always I wished to do a photo shoot, but I'm very shy and I had just left that out of hand. Known The Female Portrait by Valois through Facebook, I fell in love as soon as I saw and decided it was time to make it and give to my husband as Christmas gift I confess I was really nervous on the day but Waneska is a great professional!
She made me feel very comfortable and the result of the photos could not be better.
I recommend and I'm thinking about next test.

Katita Pellegrini

Since I arrived, the team of Female Portrait did everything that I felt comfortable. They played my favourite playlist, the make up was like a relaxed massage. Everything was great! I’m not a model and I had no idea how do it, but the photographers conducted me in a very natural way, and when I realised I was relaxed and enjoyed everything. Many times we forget how beautiful we are, we don’t feeling like an attractive and seductive woman. When I saw the photos, I felt like a model in a magazine. I left the photo shoot much more confident about my beauty and my femininity. If we don’t admire ourselves who will do it? Sincerely, I think every woman must to do a Boudoir session. Whether to give as gift to the boyfriend or husband or just for yourself, this way, some days that you don’t feel beautiful, you can just open your album and remind yourself how beautiful you are. The important is the smile in your face and the shine in your eyes… If we have this, we are the most beautiful women in the world. The photo shoot was a wonderful experience.

Nadia Funaro

I had a brilliant time on my photo shoot!
I’d wanted to have a boudoir photo shoot and give to my boyfriend for xmas and I came across Female Portrait.
That day i was nervous and exited in the same time but the photographer put me at easy straight away greeting me and inviting me in.
My hair and make up were done then i changed in to my first outfit and the photo session started.
I was feeling glamorous and sexy and I felt totally at ease as I was guided through a number of poses.
An amazing time was had with 3 changes
outfit i total and plenty of shoots.
Friendly and mindful of the result i wanted to achieve the photographer was talking to me each session.
A fabulous experience which i would recommend to everyone.
Couldn't be more pleased with the result and looking forward to gifting the photos to my love.

Ana Carolina

I confess I was really nervous on the day but Waneska is a great professional!
She made me feel very comfortable and the result of the photos could not be better.
Ana Carolina, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cathy O’Connell

My boudoir photo shoot was an experience of empowerment. Every woman should do it.
The idea was a little daunting initially but the end result far outweighed my nerves.
Of course it all became easy because of the direction and professional way The Feminine Portrait team managed the shoot!
They immediately makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, the girls were amazing attention to details and didn’t hurry or rush you. I felt like a very important model, making me feel confident, believing in myself and that’s what makes fantastic pictures!
The boudoir sessions are all about having fun, letting your hair down and forgetting about little insecurities.